Waitt ROC Grant

We are finally rolling out the project updates, but before we get into the real meat of the situation on Kia we would be amiss if we didn't speak about the foundation that made it all possible. 

I am very happy to announce Chris and I [Brett] received an ROC grant from the Waitt Foundation to fund our project Kia Over There. The Waitt Foundation is a San Diego based foundation with the mission to protect and restore our oceans. Their focus is to promote Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)--areas like those no-take ocean reserves that protect and improve marine health both within and without the area. 

This focus goes hand and hand with our work in Fiji as Kia is the site of a potentially exemplary MPA that is; unfortunately, not currently active for reasons we will explore in future posts. 

But for now we give our warmest thanks to the Waitt Foundation along with all the financial wizards and advisors at Scripps Institution of Oceanography who made this all possible! Thanks everyone; you know who you are.