Bula to the new site

Hi everyone, Brett here, welcome to our new site. Here in this blog section we will be keeping you up to date on our project as well as giving you reports from the field in Fiji.

Chris and I are currently working out if we will be allowed to travel to Kia or not. To get to Kia it is not as simple as merely getting there; we must gain approval from the elders and the chief before we can arrive. Just today we spoke with one of our Fijian collaborators Ako Rokomate and we were able to set our travel dates. We are going to Kia!

Ako has been a tremendous help in setting up the logistics for our trip. She works for C3, one of the NGOs we partnered with for this project. You can find their website here

The only thing that remains now is the traditional sevu sevu ceremony. Here we will present kava to the chief on arrival, and--hopefully--gain approval to stay in the village. Let's hope we make a good first impression. 

Brett Garner and Chris Neighbors photo by Amy Bowman 

Brett Garner and Chris Neighbors photo by Amy Bowman